Keira Hewacth as Denise

Denise is the young, beautiful and brave woman around which all the drama rises and falls. In the pursuit of a better life devoid of the trauma of her past, she finds herself in the arms of Dave.

Their lives seem to be on a blissful cruise with prospects of a beautiful future together until a man from her past shows up. The ignition of this old flame from her past sparks a fire that threatens to burn down everything her life and marriage stands for in a merciless raze. Unfolding events set Denise on a roller coaster ride of unexplainable discoveries, allegations of infidelity, mistaken identity and life threatening decisions. Denise is forced to face the demons of her past; a past filled with dark secrets and buried truths.

She is soon entrenched in a battle to salvage what is left of her life and marriage from the rubble of these discoveries.