Tales of Eve is a collection of moving stories which accurately portray the life and experience of African women as they live through the trials and triumphs of womanhood. The series which premiered in June 2011 intimately explores social, psychological, cultural and even moral issues and the manner in which they are presented to women. It is a unique platform of expression for the African woman, providing her with a distinct voice with which she can finally speak of the place in which she finds herself in the society.

In each story you will discover the struggles of women, her triumphs; her failures, her victories; her mistakes and her restitutions; her wisdom, her folly; the depth of her hatred and the breadth of her love.

Tales of Eve has received outstanding nominations for Best Lighting, Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2015; Nominated for Best Make-Up, Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2013, Nominated for Best Drama Series, TAVA Awards 2012.



SEASON 1: SIMI (2011)
‘Simi’ is a young girl who experiences the horrors and repercussions of rape in rural Nigeria. At 18, and fresh out of high school in the village of Agbome, Simi dreams of going to the University in the city and marrying her high school sweetheart, Henry.
However, those dreams are shattered when her innocence is stolen as she is raped by Efe, her close friend Lillian’s brother. Shattered, bruised and emotionally battered, Simi has to decide if to report the incidence or suffer in silence.
How will her parents handle it? Will Henry still love and adore her? Will Efe ever pay for his sins? These questions haunt Simi as she battles with her self-loathing. Then everything goes from bad to worse when she discovers she is pregnant.
Rejected and betrayed by the ones she loved, hers is a heart-wrenching tale of dreams broken and hopes dashed, and of the emergence of a fighter from the ashes of defeat.

‘Simi‘ stars a stellar cast that includes Belinda Effah playing the lead role of Simi, Tina Mba and Kayode Odumosu (a.k.a Pa Kasumu) as her mother and father respectively, and other shining lights like Jide Kosoko, Nobert Young, Kate Adepegba, Ireti Osayomi-Bakare and Gloria Young.

The SIMI story is now available on DVD. For more information on how to purchase, please contact CREN on 08095604381